About John Adams



Dublin born and adopted son of Cork City, John Adams is a full time professional artist, and active campaigner for the arts.
His painting style veers from representational in a realistic way, to expressionistic, brushstrokes slashing and moving with the flow of the composition, creating a sense of the waves or landscape coming alive.

It is within the imagination, and subconscious mind where some of the strongest paintings come from. There is vibrant colour in all his work and while the themes have changed over the last 10 years he has always maintained a strong connection with nature.

In 2010 John studied landscape painting, and painting the figure at the Florence Academy of Art, skills are something he believes are the rock that all good art is built. There are certain aspects to painting that John prioritizes as being vital, depth, light, composition, and beauty. John often has a message in his work, sometimes political, other times very personal. Coming straight from the heart this artist believes in being truthful.


A few of John’s exhibitions in Cork City

"Stop Making Sense" in The Cork School of Music 2014
‘Paintings of Musicians" in the Cork School of Music" 2013
“Cork City Paintings” exhibition in the Cork Vision Centre in 2010.
“Cork Harbour Series” in The Stephen Pearse Gallery in 2009,
"Global Spin" an anti war series of paintings at the Shaw Gallery 2006
“Remain in Light” was a series paintings of trees and dark forests, in the Launderette Gallery in 2005
“Slave to the Rhythm” series, in the Thig Fili Gallery in 2003

Johns paintings are in many prominent collections such as the Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork City Council, The Royal College of Surgeons, Cork City Library, President Michael D Higgins and many more private and public collections.