Art is about expressing yourself exploring beauty and intellect, for me I have to be absorbed into the process of painting, almost in a state of meditation”.

John has developed some unique painting techniques especially with wet liquid paint, other methods he uses brushstrokes slashing and moving through the flow of the composition, creating a sense of the waves or landscape coming alive. It is within the imagination and subconscious mind where some of the strongest paintings come from. Often there is vibrant colour in John’s work and while the themes have changed over the years, he has always maintained a strong connection with nature. There are certain aspects to painting that John prioritizes as being vital, depth, light, composition and beauty. John often has a message in his work, sometimes political, other times very personal coming straight from the soul.

My art is paintings.
I do landscapes, seascapes, portraits, and buildings.
I use acrylics and oils, on canvas, board, and paper.
I also do drawings, photography, set painting and design for theater and bands.

Paintings of Cork

Cork City Paintings” exhibition in the Cork Vision Centre in 2010

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"Stop Making Sense" in The Cork School of Music 2014

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